Here are some complimentary remarks and awards as to Christine's endeavors. These are from citizens and community organizations of District 4, which will be District 3 after 2015 Marion County map changes.

"I would like to express how much I appreciate the work that you have done. It has not gone unnoticed that you show up at neighborhood meetings, answer questions for people, and follow up on problems. This is a great attribute for someone holding a seat in office." - Alma Trawick

Grand Marshal, Annual "Independence Parade & Pitch-In", 2009 to Present - Fairfields-Sylvan Neighborhood Association

Christine - Grand Marshal of the Annual Independence Parade
Fairfields-Sylvan Neighborhood Association

"She is probably one of the hardest-working politicians I have ever met. She doesn't care what side of the aisle you're on. She cares about her constituents." - Steve Ferguson, President, Greater Allisonville Community Council.

Recipient of "Champions Award" - Presented by Forest Manor Multi-Service Center

"I am hard-pressed to think of any Indianapolis City Councillor who exhibits more integrity, more intelligence, more sincere care for constituents, more honesty in service, and more class and poise than Christine Scales. As a former "R" precinct committee person three times elected, I am grateful and honored to know and support Councillor Scales." . . .

Recipient of "Good Neighbor Award" - Presented by Greater Allisonville Community Council, Board of Directors

Christine - Recipient of "Good Neighbor Award"

" . . . it is the responsibility of a Councillor to advocate for and support the needs of their constituents. . . .Scales is a well-regarded Councillor, not just in District 4, but throughout Indianapolis. She does her homework on issues, and does not always follow her caucus if she believes it contrary to what is best for her constituents. I have said it before and I will say it again. Christine Scales is a gem of a Councillor. … Indy could use more Councillors just like her." - Pat Andrews, MCANA

Recipient of "Recognition Award" for her work improving the lives of area residents - Presented by Coalition of Northeast Neighborhoods

"Christine Scales, our City-County Councillor, has certainly come through for the residents of Lake Maxinhall . . . once again! Christine has been the most helpful person to those of us on Lake Maxinhall in trying to deal with the City of Indianapolis that we could ever ask to have. With Christine's help, the wire hanging down along 56th and Shorewood has finally been taken care of. The line turned out to be an AT&T cable. I received many calls from AT&T management until the situation was resolved." . . . (See "Getting Involved!" page for conclusion.)

Recipient of award and roses from Daniel Flack at The City Market, www.guardianangels.org

“I love Councillor Christine Scales! She does her research on each issue and thinks independently. She is constituent-driven and strives to understand problems and works diligently to help, regardless of what the party may wish. Scales takes phone calls, answers emails, and attends lots of meetings to engage with her people. . . . I resent any attempt to suggest that Scales is anything other than committed. We need more like Scales who cross over party lines to do what is right. She has my vote.” – Kathy Andry