About Christine

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Councillor Scales honoring Jacen and Ben Troxell, ages 8 and 5 for the funds raised to supply IMPD officers with extra protective bullet proof vests.

Christine Scales is a City-County Councillor representing District 4, which covers a geographical area from 96th Street to 38th Street, and from Keystone Avenue to Emerson Avenue. In 2015, this will be designated as District 3 in Marion County, with some boundary changes.

Christine is serving her second Council term, first being elected in 2007. She was born in Montreal, Canada to German immigrant parents who eventually moved to the United States. Councillor Scales became a naturalized citizen and spent most of her youth in Munster, Indiana.

Christine graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington, having been awarded a full academic scholarship and received a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in both German and Telecommunications. She was awarded a postgraduate grant to study at the Free University of Berlin.

Scale Family
Celebrating William's IU Med School "White Coat Day", with other son Joseph, Richard, Christine, and Grand-Mom Jean Scales.

Christine has worked in public relations, sales, and spent several years as a substitute teacher at the high school level. She and husband Richard are parents of three sons: Andrew is married and pursuing a Doctor of Divinity degree at Princeton Theological Seminary; William is a student at the I.U School of Medicine; and Joseph is a student at Robert McKinney School of Law.

Christine began her political career as a campaign volunteer, precinct and ward chairman, and as a member of the Washington Township Board. Her years of service in urban ministries as a long-time member of Tabernacle Presbyterian Church cultivated a desire to serve, through political means, those who are struggling economically; who are not mainstream; who need help to realize their potential and achieving their best within our Indianapolis community.

She was particularly motivated to seek City-County Council office in order to address the needs of those residents in more challenged areas of the District, such as the Phoenix Meadows area of 38th Street and Keystone Avenue.

Years of actively working with community stakeholders, city officials, and private firms have brought much needed revitalization to the neighborhood in the form of quality performing schools, attractive housing, and a new YMCA offering notable recreational facilities, health and job-training services.

In northeast Marion County, Christine has championed many economic development initiatives, including new condominiums, apartments, office buildings, and restaurants. She has promoted the resurfacing of streets, repairing and replacing sidewalks, 62nd Street pedestrian trail linking Binford Boulevard to Monon Trail, and demolition of abandoned housing. She actively attends many neighborhood meetings in evenings, walks in their parades, participates in their events, and supports beneficial zoning code changes.

While the job of a City-County Councillor is considered a part-time position, Christine believes the District requires full-time attention. She spends many of her days consulting with community representatives, researching issues, and working with community organizations to protect and improve the areas in which they live. Christine's tenacity in resolving district challenges has earned her a reputation among residents as one of our hardest-working public servants.